Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Barry's Bootcamp

My sister and I have just signed up to Barry's Bootcamp and are two sessions in!

Firstly you buy classes individually or in blocks. One class is £20 and buying in bulk makes it cheaper. You can also share purchases. So we have bought ten classes for £170 and are going to take five each and see how it goes. This makes a class £17 instead. They do also do memberships but for £90 a week you need to go at least four times to make it worthwhile.

We are going to the brand new London East location, which is on City Road. As you walk in there is a shop selling all the branded work out gear and a drinks cabinet. There is also a protein bar where you can order a shake to have pre or post shower. They will whip up the shake during your class to minimize waiting time. You will be given a sweat towel, which is compulsory! There are no water fountains but water is available to purchase or you can bring your own.

Downstairs you will find a roomy changing room with three toilets and sinks. Five hairdryers and straighteners with plenty of well lit mirrors for makeup. There are benches with hangers and loads of lockers for your things. You won't need a padlock, you can choose a four digit code instead. You will be provided with towels so what you need to take with you is minimal. There are around eight - ten rain forest shower cubicles, I haven't actually counted all with MALIN&GOETZ shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Everything is very clean, the studio is even cleaned between the back to back sessions.

So, the class itself! We have done hardcore abs on a Thursday and chest, back and abs on a Wednesday. Each day the class will concentrate on a different part of the body and we intend to try all of them before honing on our preferred choices. We have had Shane and Jay C as instructors. Shane was far more easy going than Jay!!!

The class is split into three or four sections. On arrival you will be assigned a treadmill or a floor space and you will alternate three to four times in one session. On the treads you can expect interval training of sprints, runs and jogs all at varying inclines. It's hard work even at the beginners level and you will be really pushed by the instructors. However, I do hope by going more we will improve and maybe even make it to intermediate level. The instructor will count you in and give clear instructions for incline and speed. Each speed there will be three options of beginner, intermediate and advanced so you can pace yourself according to your level.

On the floor there will be various exercises on benches with dumb bells and weighted balls as well as actual floor exercises such as plank, press ups and mountain climbers. Again this area is hard work, don't think you are in for a break because you are lying down! The instructors will show you what to do and count you in and ensure you are pushed to your limit. Be warned, you will sweat in these classes!

The studio itself has twenty treads and twenty floor benches so forty people to a class. Booking opens one week in advance so make sure you book early as they do fill up even for the 7:10am pre work session! The studios are very dark with disco lights and loud music, which increases with volume during intense work out periods. It's an interesting way to exercise but so far I have found it very motivating.

The classes are designed to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour long session and are attended regularly by the stars such as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham! I have thoroughly enjoyed everything so far. I am definitely at beginner level and have on occasion even been unable to keep up even at this level, which is tough. I plan to keep going and hopefully soon I will be finishing the class in full, I am about 90% there! The post work out feeling is euphoric and if I can find the funds I hope to maintain my sessions and make this a permanent part of my life!