Thursday, 23 July 2015

Meat & Shake

Last night I was lucky enough to head to the little, bustling Tooting Bec based establishment Meat & Shake. It was a Wednesday night, there were six of us and we didn't have a reservation but we were seated at 8pm without a wait. The restaurant was busy though and full for most of our visit so it is probably best to book ahead if you can.

Service here is slow as there are not many staff and the kitchen is open so you can see the chefs whipping up the magic! The best part of this place has to be the shakes. I personally opted for a small vanilla milkshake, which came in a ceramic cup that looked like paper, was pretty cool. On the table we also tried salted caramel and chocolate with chips both of which were delicious but there were loads to choose from including Oreo and apple pie! YUM! I would order a small individually or a large to share as the large is rather a lot for one person! The milkshakes are like drinking pure ice cream, thick and delicious! Aside from a cider and a beer there is no alcohol on offer but trust me the soft drink options more than compensate for this.

There are several burgers to choose from. I personally opted for the Johnny complete with sauteed onions and very delicious creamy mushrooms, which I have never had in a burger before! The veggie option includes sweet potato rosties instead of beef patties. The rib and cheese was ordered and the pulled beef stacked on this was delicious. The smoking bandit is great, it comes under a dome and once lifted you will end up in a cloud of BBQ smoke, which is just mouth watering!!!! All burgers will be cooked to your liking but medium seemed the standard option if you didn't specify.

Three helpings of fries and one coleslaw were more than enough sides between the six of us. I don't think anyone finished everything on their plates! It was a bit much! We also had a side of southern brined chicken as we fancied trying other options. The chicken was good with an excellent breadcrumb coating! Definitely a good burger alternative.

On the table were ketchup and BBQ sauce, both unbranded but very delicious. There was also a selection of four hot sauces from the brand Psycho Juice. The hottest was ghost pepper, which was hilarious to try. It left your mouth burning for about ten minutes and a tingling sensation for far, far longer! I think it had a 70% heat rating! Habanero and scorpion pepper were also available!

The bill was just under £20 each including service, which isn't bad for how full we were and the fact we had burgers, sides and drinks! It's a short 2 mins walk from Tooting Bec station too so is doable if you don't live nearby! They are open everyday for lunch and dinner so why not check this place out?!