Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Miss Tapas, Peckham Rye

A few friends and I spent Saturday evening in Peckham Rye. We decided to eat at the increasingly popular Miss Tapas in Peckham, just a few minutes walk from Peckham Rye train station. We arrived at just before 7pm and added our name to the blackboard waiting list before heading around the corner for a cheeky glass of wine at the Montpelier. The Montpelier is a buzzing little pub with a private cinema screening room! As an FYI a small glass of house white and a pint was £8, which isn't too bad for London!

Around thirty minutes later we got a call to say our table was ready. We hurried back to Miss Tapas ready for our dinner. The restaurant is teeny and all of the tables are high stools. You aren't squashed in but it isn't roomy either. It's quite loud from all of the chitter chatter but it has a great atmosphere. Probably better with a small group of friends than an intimate date night.

Service is quick and with a smile. The entire menu is on chalkboards. We had quite a bit to eat between us! If I can remember correctly three portions of their delicious warm bread and oil. A plate of mushroom and truffle croquettes as well as two portions of patatas bravas, which are simply divine here. The chorizo al vino is a generous portion of chorizo cooked for hours in red wine. A portion of pardon peppers as well as a plate of Iberico ham. We had a tuna steak dish, a braised ox cheek with a little mashed potato and a chorizo with caramelized onion and quails egg. As well as a portion of the largest, juiciest and tastiest olives I have ever eaten.

The food was all piping hot, brought to the table promptly and perfect for splitting four ways and tucking in together. With a bottle of red wine and a large glass of white wine the total bill was £90 for four people. Bearing in mind the quality and quantity of food we had ordered we all felt it was quite reasonable. We were full and any more dishes would have just been greedy! It's great though as you can keep ordering as you go along and pick up more of things you have really enjoyed.

As mentioned the service was quick and as we were hungry we did not hang around. Within ninety minutes we were finished and although we were definitely not rushed out we felt the blackboard list was lengthy and we should vacate the table! We took a short walk around the corner to another packed pub The Victoria Inn. Our friends say the food isn't brilliant here but the cosy pub is ideal for a few beverages. Loud enough to have an atmosphere but definitely still able to chat without shouting to your friends.

All in all we had a great little evening in Peckham and can thoroughly recommend Miss Tapas for a quick and reasonable as well as incredibly tasty meal.